So what is a Hackathon?

Don’t worry, it isn’t that kind of hacking!

Hackathons provide people a platform for creativity, collaboration and self-expression through technology. They encourage people with technical backgrounds to form teams (either at the event or prior to the start of the “hack”) around a challenge and then collaboratively develop a unique solution over a limited amount of time.

The event organisers will fuel you with food, caffeine and provide specialist mentor support and you will work night and day to create the best prototype for the challenge and then demo it to a panel of judges in your bid to be crowned the weekends winner

These events are great way to develop community, learn new skills and can even offer the opportunity to develop a product, or idea, after the Hack has finished and see it become a real business opportunity.

Our next Hackathon is coming on the last weekend of March at the University of Suffolk and has the theme “the outdoors and agriculture”. If you would like to get involved please get in touch directly with or follow our linked in / facebook pages to keep aware of news as it is released.