Event Workshop from John Nicholson

Workshop Abstract:
Surviving an Incubator with Agile.
We‘ll cover some of the agile methodologies and techniques that could work well within the incubator. We’ll talk about how you can apply these to focus and still adapt to the change that always occurs during product development.

Co-Founder and CTO of IJYI, John is an evangelist for the adoption of DevOps, specifically how best to apply the tools we have at hand to improve delivery. Having worked within software development for the past 20 years, he brings a wealth of experience, technical expertise and passion both for technology and to see the next generation of developers flourish.

Software delivery is complicated; however, it should not be difficult. It is about more than just the technology, John favours a proven, pragmatic approach to the adoption of technology, ensuring that all deliveries are on “the Leading Edge not the Bleeding Edge”.

To further these goals he has recently undertaken taken PhD research at the University of Suffolk in to the field of Computer Science and Informatics, specifically looking at the future of application testing within the enterprise.